The best club for competitive road cycling in the Borders and North Northumberland     

Berwick Wheelers was formed in 1988, giving the eastern Borders and north Northumerland area its first cycling club since the demise of the Tweedside Cycling and Athletic Club some 20 years previous.

Berwick-Upon-Tweed is an ancient walled town with a history of violence perpetrated against it by both the Scots and the English, having changed hands no less than thirteen times between 1147 and 1482, when it finally became attached to the English crown. It is the most Northerly town in England lying farther north than the Scottish town of Lanark, and has a distinct air of independence about it. Several of the towns sports clubs operate in leagues on the Scottish side of the border, notably Berwick Rangers football Club and Berwick Rugby Club. Berwick Wheelers likewise, is affiliated to the Scottish Cyclists Union, having joined in 1992, carrying on a tradition set by the old Tweedside Cycling and Athletic Club.

Social / Training Rides.

Saturday Steady
Talk about being spoilt for choice!
The 'Saturday steady' group has been going for a while but we've not thought to formailse it till now It very much a facebook message kind of organisation for this group. Someone usually posts up a plan on Thurs/Fri each week here on our facebook page and it goes from there. Meet times are generally 10am at or around Eyemouth and other meet spots are shouted up by members dependant on the route suggested. doing about 30 miles or so over a couple of hours is the normal drill, there's even a routemaster and light touch coach to nudge you along the way.
You've never had so many options to get out on a group ride with Berwick Wheelers.
So, check on facebook towards each weekend , we hope to see you out on the road, club member or not, all are invited to the 'Saturday steady'!
Road Race Training
These Saturday sessions start at 9.30am outside Norham Village Hall. The routes are planned at the start each ride, dependent on weather and riders. The idea is for the sessions to give riders who're looking to compete in road races next season a chance to ride together at speed and within a bunch of riders, whilst also allowing you/us to get a feel for everyones strong and weak points, this should give us a capable and committed road race squad for next season.
Lasting generally up to 2 hrs the rides will begin at an average speed of AT LEAST 18mph and will progress towards full Road Race speed (23mph+) as the season draws closer. Andy Waring will be encouraging us to get involved and Neil W will be also nudging us along.
Apologies to all our followers and friends of the club but this is a Berwick Wheelers member only ride, designed to produce a crack squad to give you all a good thrashing in the road races
No pit stops on route, but coffee and snacks in the Masons Arms afterwards, if you need a pick me up after all that effort!

Membership Details.

Membership is drawn from both sides of the border. Club time trials are held on the quiet roads in Berwickshire and are ideal for safely introducing young riders to the sport. For those who like hills, there are plenty of short, stiff, climbs to be tackled in the nearby Lammermuirs and Cheviots hills. Berwick Wheelers has a strong tradition of time trialling. Its members compete in 'open' events throughout England and Scotland during the season. The club also operates its own time trial series on Thursday evenings from April to mid September, and hosts an 'open' road race in the spring and a time trail event in the summer.

For a small club, Berwick Wheelers has a good record in SCU championship events, having won two individual gold, eight silver, two bronze and three team gold medals as well as breaking SCU competition team records at 10, 25, and 50 miles time trial events.

The annual membership fee for the 2014 season is £16. Membership forms can be picked up at Tweed Cycles on Bridge street, Berwick-upon-Tweed, or just click on the link below and print out the form.There is also an entry fee of £2 for every club event the rider choose to participate in.

For more information about Berwick Wheelers please contact one of the following.

Ian Wightman (Co founder)


Neil Wilson (club secretary)

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Sunday Social Rides

From December Sunday morning social rides will run on the first Sunday of each month. First ride is on the 7th December meeting at the Berwick Swan Centre for a 10am start. A route of approx 30 miles will be planned with the emphasis being on SOCIAL not speed, with a cafe stop at some point en-route. All are welcome including those who may not even be members of the club. Park in the Homebase car park to ensure room or better still ride to the meet point and save the planet! Doug Slater will be the club rep for these ride.

For updates: see the clubs Facebook site.